Monday, December 13, 2010

Do You Want the Good News Or The Bad News?

Lot's going on in the world of cycling right now. While most teams are getting their first look at new rosters, bikes, and kits, one team might be looking for a new gig.  Rumor has it the major financial backer for  Pegasus Sports has closed the wallet for good - no Continental licence = no dough.  Watch for the riders to start jumping ship.

Hey Pat...pull my finger...
***Update - Pegasus may have a new sponsor - deet's to follow!****
Maybe one or two Pegasus'..Pegasi...Pegagsuses...whatever...can replace Alberto.  UCI president and all around happy Irishman, Pat McQuaid, has said that El Pistolero will have to wait until 2011 before a decision is made.  Great, this means I can split my media time between Prince William getting hitched and Alberto threatening to quit if he is found guilty.  Where is Cipo when you need him...oh wait...Cipo cropped up this last week and he apparently thinks that modern cycling is lacking machismo.  After watching Schlek and Contator hugging their way through the TDF I tend to agree.  We need more gladiators...

 Cipo would have shot for the double leg and finished with the ground and pound... 

On the flip side, Canada's own Team Spidertech Powered By Planet Energy became our nation's first Pro Continental team.  With the Continental status comes the opportunity to race more in Europe which should be a huge benefit to the team.   It has been noted that Spidertech will still be racing at the major North American events such as the Tour of California, Utah , and some of the Canadian ProTeam races. With lot's of young talent and Steve Bauer at the helm, the future looks bright!
Great White Hope!

How about the Luxembourg Cycling project unveiling the team name...Team Leopard?  How about Team Panda or Team Fluffy Duck?  I am relatively new to the cycling game but some of the team names are pretty weak.  Now I get that the team name is reflective of the ownership or major sponsor and Team Leopard comes from the management company run by Bryan Nygaard who initially formed the team but Leopard... really? Next your gonna tell me their kit will be spotted animal prints...

Until next time, stay warm and keep the rubber side down!


John said...

Cycling has lost its machismo? I have two words for you: Jens fucking Voight. Okay, maybe that's three words.

And anyways, cycling is more than Le Tour. You want balls-out riding Tob? You need check out cyclocross.

Tobin said...


You are right on Jens Voigt - he is a machine!

I have made a new years resolution to check out some cyclocross racing in the new year! I won't be doing it thanks to my crap knee's, but I figure I can drink beer and shake a cowbell pretty well.

All the best to you and the family this Christmas!