Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Dangers of New Car Smell - Just Ask Martin!

Martin Erzinger - the bullsh*t, errrr, plot thickens!

Above is a nice snappy picture of Denver-area wealth fund manager Martin Erzinger.  Back in July Martin was involved in a pretty serious hit and run collision with cyclist Dr Steven Milo.  Long story short, Martin hits Steve. Steve flies off bike and injuries ensue.  Martin leaves the scene.  Steve lays on highway bleeding.  Martin gets picked up in a Pizza Hut parking lot putting his car parts in his trunk while phoning Mercedes for a tow.  Meanwhile, Steve is still bleeding from just about every part of his body a few miles back in the middle of the highway.  Should be a pretty easy case right?!  Wrong. 

The DA enters a redonkulous plea bargain for Martin and the cycling community goes berserk.  You would think that the insanity would end there.  Nope!  New information has come to light that is sure to have cyclists grabbing torches and pitchforks in no time!  Allegedly, Martin suffers from sleep apnea and dozed off - to further compound his issues, he was also getting baked off his new car smell.  Wow, and I thought my 6 year old came up with bad excuses...Be interesting to see how this unfolds!  In the meantime I will be sharpening the tongs on my safe out there!

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