Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Miss Roenick

I was watching the Oilers play last night and the game goes to a shootout.  Linus Omark, a rookie just called up from the farm team, is the next shooter for Edmonton.  Omark has a reputation as a shootout hot dogger and this is his first NHL shootout attempt.  After a flying false start (officials were not ready) Omark comes with speed, does a mid ice spin-o-rama, fakes a slapper , then puts the puck five hole to win the game.  All in all, very exciting and entertaining for the fans yet all the opposing team could focus on was how disrespectful Omark was with his flashy style.  I give kudos to Omark for trying something different and having the stones to do it - even more so for not apologizing afterwards in post game interviews.  In an age when everyone is afraid of going against the grain for fear of upsetting sponsors or breaking the unwritten rules of their sport, it is refreshing to see a young up and comer bucking the trend and making no apologies.  I am not asking for a league of Avery's (he needs to be tuned in)...but to see some personality out there is great!

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