Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 New Years Revolution

New Years resolutions - we all make them. Those wonderful maxims we exclaim will govern our lives as soon as the shiny ball finally drops.    At 12:01 on January 1st, millions of us turn to friends and loved ones and declare, "This year, I am gonna....".  Many of these moments are fueled by copious amounts of liquor or inspired by bravado when trying to impress the neighbors at the local block party.  I managed to keep my resolutions from being swayed by Cabernet or the triathlon junkies on my block.  I will not be jumping Snake Canyon on my mountain bike, nor will I be swimming the English channel followed by a 200 mile run.  I have given my resolutions a lot of thought and I wanted to focus on improving my zest for life.  I want to hone in on my passions and really dive into them with reckless abandon.  For years I have scraped the surface of a lot of things but I never really dove deep and immersed myself.  This year will be different and here is how I am gonna do it...

1 - Ride My Bikes
My Riding Till Spring
I LOVE riding bikes - mountain and road.  This year I want to ride at least 3000km's.  I want to ride with my family, I want to ride with my friends.  I want to ride my bike to work more and park the car.  I want to ride in a road "shop ride".  I want to ride in different places, and I want to ride fast.  I want to ride when it rains, when it snows, and when it is blistering hot.  I want to ride in the spring when the air is cool and brisk, and I want to ride in the fall when the leaves are falling off the trees.  I want to ride the rubber off my tires and the fat off my ass.

2 - Have a Glass Of Wine
I am a big wine guy.  This year I want to focus on building my cellar (bottles not actual bricks and mortar). I want to go to more tastings, try new regions and varieties.  I want to enjoy my wine and expand my knowledge from grape to glass.  I want to enjoy a glass more often but drink quality over quantity.  I want to have a glass of wine with friends and family more often.

Maybe a glass while I read?

3 - Get Creative
This one I am going to enjoy as it is very simple and rewarding.  Read more books - the classics, fiction, non fiction, books outside of my normal scope of reading, reread my fav's...just read more often.   Listen to more music - live music especially!  Take more pictures - photo's of people, places, objects...whatever catches my eye - just get shooting!  Enjoy more art - galleries, exhibitions, and museums - just get out and see what others have created with their passions.  WATCH LESS TV!

4 - Inspire My Children

I consider myself to be a good Dad and I love being a Dad.  I want to be the greatest Dad ever.  I want to really open my kids eyes up to the world around us - to marvel and enjoy in the wonder of the world.  I want them to respect the unknown, but not fear it.  I want to nurture their passions and give them the freedom and support to try new things... and I plan on playing with my kids more too!

That should be enough to get things started!  I am off to ride my bike on the trainer in the basement while reading a book to my kids, listening to my iPod and drinking a German Riesling.  If that doesn't work I may have to resort to jumping Snake Canyon...

Happy New Year All!


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