Saturday, November 20, 2010

He Did Not Just Do That?!

Good evening and what can I tell ya...?

In times when most cycling news revolves around Alberto’s “beef” with WADA, Novitzky going postal on Lance; or why Cav is angry/underpaid/underappreciated; it is refreshing to have something positive (other than drug tests) come out.  This weeks’ good news story comes from across the pond courtesy of the worlds best trials rider, Danny MacAskill.  Following up his unbelievable Inspired Bicycles film that initially launched him into the spotlight with 20 million hits on You Tube, Danny brings us his latest release, “Way Back Home”.  The riding in his latest flick is as inspiring and stunning as ever.  MacAskill does things on a bike that are seemingly impossible yet he hops, flips, drops, and rolls with a fluid grace that is mesmerizing.   So thank you Danny, you make me want to get out and ride!

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