Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just finished up The Man Who Cycled The World by Mark Beaumont. This is the true story of one man's quest to break the record for cycling around the world...or at least that's what is says on the back jacket.  Mark chronicles his time on the road - on and off the bike.  It is an interesting read and moves along quickly as Mark pedals his way around the globe.  Starting in Paris, Mark rode for 194 days and 17 hours to circumnavigate  the globe.  His story has epic highs, talking of the kindness and generosity of complete strangers, and chronicles his experiences with our strange, wonderful, and sometimes absurdly comical world.  Along with the highs, Mark also details the dark side of his travels - dealing with the harsh reality of being on the road in foreign lands, mechanical failures, and dealing with the issues and logistics of trying to circumnavigate the globe against the clock.

This is the first book that Mark has written and is honest and sometimes humorous in its' delivery; like being told a story from a good friend over a pint.  You can feel his moments of joy and you suffer along with him when the days are hard.  Overall, a great book for  cycling fans and travellers alike.

Since his first adventure, Mark has gone on to a "summit to summit" climb and cycle of the America's and is currently rowing on a 6 man expedition in the Canadian Arctic.  All of his adventures help raise money for charity and he seems to be a pretty good all around guy... so go out and buy his books and check him out online!

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